Monday, January 14, 2013

MC = Mo' Cash

I love the term “Coming to Jesus” meeting because the reference suggests that at the point in life, or the next one, when you’re called to Jesus you might as well be honest ‘cause this guy is a walking lie detector machine and if he’s your last chance between going up and down, you might as well come clean. The problem with the phrase however is that some people openly don’t believe in Jesus and when I say, “come to Jesus” they think I’m inviting them to the local bodega so Jesus behind the counter can give us a discount on our beer. The other term I dig is open kimono. A kimono is a Japanese nighty that both men and women wear and the idea is once you open that kimono there’s nothing there but the truth so if you lied on your FB profile and said you had a ten inch member and you open up that kimono and she’s subtracting inches by the foot…well, you do the math.

The point is, let’s be honest and if we’re going to do that with the current state of the MC community we need to acknowledge that MC now stands for Mo’ Cash and not motorcycle club and there are a number of reasons why.  I have always preached and believe staunchly that the three pillars of MC are brotherhood, bikes and riding.  If your club doesn’t centralize all its principles around those three things then you are not a functioning club in a traditional sense.  Notice not one of those descriptions includes making money. I’m not ridiculous in thinking a club doesn’t have to come up with ways to make money but when making money and exploiting the community take precedence over any of the three pillars, then your club has been compromised by the greed of capitalism and as Rome was eventually destroyed, so will your club.

I’m not so delusional that I would spend this time attacking all the means that clubs have come up with to make money but taking my usual approach with the fuckery that has permeated clubs today, I will make recommendations as to how perhaps these club can take their MC approach of Mo’ Cash and make it profitable by completely, not partly, but completely exploiting the community so that all that is left are true bikers who never supported their bullshit in the first place.

My first suggestion…

I believe MC’s should get into the fast food business immediately.  The reason why I say this is because MC’s are more into the business of Fish Fries and other heart stopping, vein clogging events than anything else. God forbid there’s a ride somewhere out of state. Who wants to do that when you can instead ride a few blocks over and get your fish that’s been soaking in grease so heavy it could sink a naval warship. In other words you’re given another opportunity to not ride your bike a long distance and represent your club states away. In other words it takes away from one of the pillars of what MC should be and that’s riding and brotherhood. You may go to the fish fry with your sparkling clean bike and park it for all the other Sucka MC’s to stare and gawk at but if you were doing some real riding, what time would you have to clean that thing? I have no issue with fish fries but when the paramount objective of your club is to attend one fish fry after the other weekend after weekend then there is a problem and what you’ve become is social club on two wheels. Secondly, I’ve come across clubs who have more than one fish fry per month because their club house essentially has become a fish restaurant. I hate walking into a club house and I come out smelling like what they’ve been cooking. When the smell of fish is so thick that I’m literally growing gills to even breathe in your clubhouse, you’ve crossed the line. 

So my advice is this, why not just open up an MC fish fry franchise? Use your fish fry skills to the fullest and take advantage of all that grease you’ve accumulated and do it right. It makes perfect sense.  Not only can you park your bikes outside but the restaurant can double as your MC’s clubhouse since 20% of your members don’t own bikes anyway.  The big money making idea however is that the other Sucka MC’s in your region will have a place to throw their weekly fish fries all the time so you’ll literally have money swimming through your front door 24/7.

The other one that I’ve noticed are trophy parties. Trophy parties have long since been a part of the MC culture and no one is knocking them but what I continue to knock are the trophies that are given out at these events. Again, let’s refer to the three pillars: if the trophies you’re giving out don’t somehow tie into bikes, brotherhood or riding then why would any real biker want anything you’re giving. I have yet to understand why a real biker would want a trophy. Personally my two trophies are the bike in between my legs and the brothers I rode there with. I don’t need anything else BUT if you did want to give me something as in an award for attending please make it in the form of a gas card, hotel room, or how ‘bout bottles of Jack Daniels. That’s something a biker like myself can appreciate. We’ve even heard of fights where people have come to blows over trophies. Remember I did mention the word brotherhood, right? Back in the day some old timers told me the trophies included a woman, tattoo …women (plural) and almost certainly money for gas or a room in the event you came from a long distance. Also this old timer said after the trophies were given out nobody left. Everyone stayed and got drunk off their asses and just had a good ol’ time. In today’s trophy party circuit, when a trophy is given out the party nearly always disperses and things die afterwards. Why? The purpose of attending the event was NOT brotherhood, riding or bikes; it was most certainly just to get a trophy for most repped, first through the door or something equally stupid.

My suggestion is this…

The first person through the door or the first club should be awarded with a shot of Jack or something along those lines and welcomed in. Any club that shows up in a cage needs to be charged double at the door and is excluded from the possibility of winning any award that evening.  Additionally, has anyone ever looked at the clubs giving out these trophies? The reason I bring it up is this…would an actor of Robert DeNiro’s caliber accept an award for acting brilliance from someone of…hmmmm…Nicholas Cage’s stature? The point is, no one would even put the two of them on the same stage for a serious event because Cage’s presence alone makes the entire award a sham.  If the MC giving out the trophies is a Sucka MC themselves how is the MC who accepts an award from them? 

I know of an MC that has bikes lined up in their club house and outside yet I’ve never not once seen them on the road. That is the truth. However their clubhouse stays packed. Yes, they have a bar and they have music and the police pretty much stays away and on a slow night it might very well be a good place to park up once and a while but why do they still refer to themselves an MC? If you no longer ride your scoots but you cater to the party atmosphere of the circuit then you’re a social club.

Follow me on this…

So many people in the MC world are complaining that SC’s don’t know their place and while in some cases that is true, maybe it’s the people in the MC world who don’t know what place to put a SC because they themselves are too busy being social. If you are more involved in the social side of the MC then there’s the opportunity to push the brotherhood aspect of the life and provide a meeting place for all MC’s to come together and work on that brotherhood. Yes, you can still make money from it by even renting out your own space and allowing other clubs to use it as a weekly clubhouse for their meetings and having a weekly party there. There’s merit in providing and facilitating a place for meetings because you are ultimately pushing a place to foster that brotherhood but a SC who rides motorcycles disguising themselves as an MC  is really dirty business and not open kimono at all.

We’re going to switch the conversation from kimono’s to robes because we have to talk about Jesus. No, not the one at the bodega but rather the Jesus who seems to be at every single bike blessing week after week after week. While I understand Jesus is everywhere but don’t we believe that Christ Almighty has better things to do then attend bike blessings week after week after week?  What’ s worse is, let’s say Jesus did make time to attend each of these bike blessings, how angry do you think He’d be to find that some of these MC’s are charging people to attend these events?

Need I remind y’all what happened last time Jesus flipped his dome at church?

 John 2:15 And when he had made a scourge of small cords, he drove them all out of the temple, and the sheep, and the oxen; and poured out the changers' money, and overthrew the tables;

You can’t tell me Jesus wasn’t a One Percent Outlaw. He saw something wrong and did something about it and he wasn’t half stepping. Now if one of us were to come to a bike blessing and flip the shit outta your tables would we be assholes or would we be following the steps of Jesus Christ Almighty? It seems to me that MC’s who charge clubs to get a blessing are doing a wonderful job of fucking their brothers in the MC community...which I suppose would make them Catholic bike blessings especially if you bring a priest and a little boy…but we digress...If the meaning behind the bike blessing is indeed sincere maybe there should be one huge bike blessing per region and the clubs should all attend that one. I think Jesus would appreciate it because while He may be great at multi-tasking, we shouldn't have to ask Him to do that. 

The reality is that motorcycle clubs must find a way to make money in order to sustain themselves and we understand that. It costs money to maintain the clubhouse and other day to day MC expenses but when making the money comes at the sacrifice of why the club was supposedly formed in the first place means that club has lost its way. In history it is often noticed that the peasants who rise up against the tyrants often become tyrants themselves unless in the revolution, there is a revolution in of itself.

We’re not asking for a revolution…we’re just asking for less fish.

For the love of God, keep your MC Sucka Free

Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Black MC Problem PT II: The HNMC- The House Niggas Motorcycle Club

Let me start by apologizing for my use of the word nigger in this blog. I am not Quentin Taratino by any stretch of the imagination so my use of the word is not because I have some secret love affair with the term. In fact, when President Obama was first elected I promised myself I would eliminate the word from my day to day vocabulary all together. I couldn’t justify using that word in this day and age when an African American had risen to the highest political rank in the world. While not completely successful, I’d say that my nigger to day ratio has dramatically decreased to a single digit percentage.  However when the term is appropriately applied when defining a behavior that is befitting a buffoon of color, I must tip my helmet and ask the readers of this blog their respective patience as  I pontificate on another case of African Americans living down to the term of D.A.N. or dumb ass niggas.  Secondly please keep in mind that I am speaking in generalities based on experiences so I’m not broad stroking the entire community but if the shucking and jiving songs makes your feet tap, then by all means, you’re that dumb ass nigga I’m talking about.

Having said that…

Unfortunately the societal handicaps that persistently mar the African American experience have made their way into the MC culture. An arrogant lack of knowledge about MC history has resulted in “new” traditions that boldly disregard a rich motorcycle history with pioneers and experiences that would behoove the contemporary nation of black bikers to be aware of. Yet, these things are disregarded because they’d get in the way of them rushing to the next fish fry, trophy party, bike blessing, coming out party or whatever other type of party the circus is creating to exploit the short pockets of their fellow biker. But like the helpless child or the clueless buffoon, too many of us accept what we are fed without asking questions. 

Let’s logically break this down before we spiritually tear it up. 

Many of us, if not all, are first exposed to bikers from pop culture. The image of the big bad WHITE biker on the Harley is tattooed in our brain and the initial reaction is one of envy or disdain. You embrace that immediate sense of badassim and freedom or you cling harder to your cage.  How many times do you think a person is exposed to that image of the big bad white biker before that person finds out that there’s a black version of that biker? Is it days, weeks or in some cases, even years? To this day I get startled looks when I pull up on my Harley from black people. “ I didn’t know we rode those bikes.”  So, it’s not unrealistic that even someone remotely connected to the community isn’t going to be exposed to black bikers until much later and unfortunately even after many of them come into the community, they voluntarily segregate themselves from big bad black bikers in an OMC because what was once a positive image (white biker) is now a bad image because of (black) face.

This is commonly referred to as the white is right disease that so many black people suffer from. While the shackles have been released from their ankles, wrists and necks it’s been rooted around their souls and brains. The mental enslavement is screwed on like a vice grip and thus they’re still slaves where it counts the most and in the MC community that slave mentality has resulted in The House Niggas Motorcycle Club.  

The HNMC is made up of black or Hispanic support clubs of white OMC’s. This is not a criticism of any white OMC who has seen fit to build their nation by incorporating lackeys of color within their network. In fact, not only do I not criticize them for it, I applaud them for continuing a systematic and cultural history of slave to master dependence that worked incredibly well for the settlers of this country. In fact you know that famous saying, “Slavery gets shit done” so to my white OMC brothers, I applaud you. It’s the slaves that I question.

I will speak in generalities that we all know to be reality. OMC’s are traditionally segregated. When these clubs initially formed the country was segregated so the clubs reflected society at the time so white outlaw clubs have remained that way to this day. That’s not to say the club collective is racist as a great deal of my biker brothers are white, Nazi tattooed, Aryan spider web sporting die hards but they’re following the traditions of the club and policy for these clubs is that no person of African American descent will, nor can ever, become a member of that club. That ostracization is based solely on race and not what bike they ride, their riding skill or anything to do with biking; they don’t want niggas in the club. The club essentially is MASSAH’s house. If I’m not being blunt enough I’ll try it again: BECAUSE YOU ARE BLACK, YOU WILL NEVER BE PART OF THIS CLUB.


What you can do for Massah is wear a support patch. (Huh?) What you can do for Massah is come to our functions and make sure you bring all your nigger friends and spend money at our events and our club house. (‘cuse me?) Oh, by the way, when your nigger friends start acting up, we’re gonna make sure we send one of you niggers to police those niggers ‘cause we don’t want to get our hands dirty with you niggers (Nigga, what the fuck did you just say?)

So, in other words the rules of Massah’s house is clearly outlined and black support clubs of white OMC’s cheerfully follow those rules either not understanding that within the pecking order, they’re pecks and only there to take orders. Let me repeat that…”within the pecking order, they’re pecks and only there to take orders” They’re blissfully stupid and the freedom of stupidity provides an intoxication that dwarfs conventional alcoholic excess.  If the OMC you are supporting with your brandishing of their patch and the spending of your green money at their white function won’t allow you to one day join their ranks, why exactly are you supporting them? Is it because the image of the big bad white biker you first saw as a child has cemented in your psyche what a biker is and thus you’re paying homage to that childhood fantasy? Are you so trained that you believe that white is right even though white is very much clear when it comes to what they think of you?

Which one is it?

I really would like to know because as a man of color in this country with an education and the support and love of my black and white brothers, I cannot understand how a black man would willingly place his neck underneath the boot of another man who clearly doesn’t see that man as his equal based solely on the ignorant premise of race. If a white man came up to you now with shackles and said, “Y’know I miss the good ole days” would you start clapping your hands, shucking and jiving and put those restraints around your wrists and happily go pick cotton?

If the answer is no then why are you as a black MC supporting a white OMC?

When my relationship with the OMC wasn’t what it is today, I considered which OMC the organization I was previously with should consider. The first criteria and thankfully was agreed upon by all was, “If any part of the OMC requirements for their own membership excluded a brother based on race, they are not the OMC for us.” In other words, if they didn’t subscribe to the philosophy that brotherhood has no color, then that’s not a true brotherhood. That point is not debatable. Not only would they never see us truly as brothers, but we’d never see them as brothers as well and that’s not our idea of support. How can you call yourself a support group to an organization that will not support your membership within their ranks based exclusively or firstly on your race? That is illogical. That’s like starting a black women’s health clinic but only for light skinned black women but they’ll employ darkies to work there to take care of the redbones.

Does that shit make any sense to you?

 If the answer is no, then ask yourself how can a black MC be a support club for a white OMC? It’s a slave mentality that isn’t shared by the other side of the tracks. I have never come across a white support club of a black OMC. I’m not saying there aren’t any out there but in all my travels I’ve never come across it and if anyone has, I’d ask that they please share that with us. I’ve actually been contacted by white start up clubs wanting to know through my contacts if they could be placed with a white OMC in their area. I recall specifically informing them that there was a mixed OMC not too far from them and they politely declined saying it was their preference to go through their white OMC. I respected and understood that and made the connection but it made me think. There was nothing racist about them wanting to go through their white OMC. In fact, I thought that was the normal thing to do. Why would a white club want to be a support club for a black OMC? That’s illogical. It doesn’t make sense. In fact what kind of dumb fucks would do something like that?

Oh wait…we would.

Every club is different but some rules like everyone in a motorcycle club owning and riding a motorcycle should be quite simple. When a club decides to become support for an OMC, part of that clubs decision should be predicated on the notion that this OMC would not only accept our members into their own ranks should our members decide they want to do that one day, but this OMC would take the time to train, school and accept us to quite possibly joining their ranks one day as an option. In other words, you don’t join a minor league baseball team saying, “I NEVER want to make it to the majors.” Forgive me for describing any club outside of an OMC as minor leagues but to make my point I must. You become support for an OMC with the possibility of joining that OMC one day but if that OMC that you so proudly wear a support patch of says you will NEVER be good enough to join them based on you being a person of color, then you are truly a dumb nigga and it breaks my heart to say that, only because I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

Do you hate yourself so much that you cannot possibly fathom taking direction and learning from a face that looks like your own? Is it such an incredulous idea to think that the black OMC has members that are just as well versed, if not more than the white OMC? Do you hate yourself so much that you’d refuse to break bread at the table with your brother choosing instead to eat like a dog from a bowl of scraps out in the backyard?

Maybe it’s me but when someone tell’s me I can’t sit at the table with them when they’re eating dinner, I kinda get insulted and when your white OMC Massah tells you that you can wear his support patch but you’ll never be allowed to join his club, he’s telling you that you’re not good enough to eat at his table.

Again, let me repeat this so no one gets it twisted. I do not criticize the white OMC’s for having black support clubs. It actually makes very good sense for them to do that. It expands their nation and power of influence in a sector that traditionally they’ve had very limited, no interest or limited ability to extort. While keeping their good feet out of the sand pit, they ask the darkies to play in that pee crusted sandpit of black MC’s and the white OMC reaps the benefits.

It’s sorta like picking tobacco ain’t it or is it picking cotton? Tell me Mr. House Nigga MC, is it picking cotton or is it picking tobacco?

So, now that we’ve established that Massah’s house is Massah’s house where do the niggas exist in Massah’s house?  Well, based on what I’ve seen and experienced the nigga’s get to come to Massah’s house and support Massah at his functions, the niggas get to spend money at Massah’s house and most of all, when there’s a problem with the darkies the niggas get to police their own people for Massah; that way, there’s a black face doling out white justice and laws. It keeps Massah’s hands clean.

Did you know there are three official kind of house niggas as defined by the urban dictionary?
They are as follows:

·         A black person that does their best to please white people even if it means disowning their own racial identity.
·         -a black person that sucks up to the white man for benefits. From slave times where the house nigga would get to work inside the house as opposed to picking cotton out in the hot sun.
·         The house nigger, as defined by Malcolm X, is the slave who imagines himself to be thought of as kin by his master because they live in the same house.

So, I’m curious Mr. House Nigga MC, which type of house nigga are you?

Please support your local BLACK OMC.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Sucka MC Free: The BLACK MC problem

Sucka MC Free: The BLACK MC problem: There are few topics other than a woman’s weight or age that can gnaw at the nerve of any one person as much as race. It is not merel...

The BLACK MC problem

There are few topics other than a woman’s weight or age that can gnaw at the nerve of any one person as much as race. It is not merely an ugly step child, but it is the aborted fetus that continues to live despite our best efforts to extinguish its existence. I suspect that the reason why race is such an emotionally violent subject is because it is a conversation that cannot be discussed honestly because that would be as pleasant as opening up the kimono of a sumo wrestler.  A discussion about race, specifically an honest discussion cannot be had without transparency on both sides of the fence and that means admitting that some racial generalities are in fact true and the shortcomings of the race being discussed should and can be addressed.

But nobody really wants that.

What black person do you know outright admits that as a race we’re not as ardent on the more important things in life like education. Our children think the basketball court is a classroom and the classroom a detention hall. Our celebration of fuckery is legendary.  We wear our pants below our asses yet blame the white man as to why we can’t get hired for work. We make fun of a person for speaking white yet we consistently lacerate the Kings English with our Ebonics. What other race celebrates and rallies in and about stupidity as much as African Americans? We call each other niggas trying to convince people much smarter than ourselves that we’re actually de-powering the word by using it as a term of affection. The only person who would believe that is a person who would rather go to the basketball court instead of a classroom to learn something. I have many Jewish friends and I’ve never not once heard one of them call each other a kike.

Before I go on, let’s understand that we are speaking on the very mathematical intelligence of generalities. What we’ve said and what we’re going to say doesn’t apply to every biker of color but it applies to too many and that’s not debatable.

Having said that…

The issues in the African American, and to a lesser degree the Hispanic biker community, are really a reflection of the ills both cultures suffer as minorities in this country.  We are aware of the deficiencies of our situations politically, culturally and economically yet we champion and encourage behaviors that accelerate our commoditization within this global humanity. For example, despite the fact hundreds and thousands of our ancestors died for us to have the right to vote, many of us are too lazy to register to vote. Too many of us adopt the rationale that “our vote doesn’t matter” yet we vote online as to whether or not B.I.G. or Tupac Shakur are better rappers.  In 1804 the slaves of Haiti rebelled and became the first free black republic in the Western Hemisphere. Today with the aid of too many white faces, instead of being a major cultural point of travel, commerce and pride for blacks globally, Haiti is the poorest nation on that side of the planet.

In less articulate but equally effective words, we fuck ourselves.

Bikers of color have unfortunately mirrored the societal handicap we as people of color have largely inflicted onto ourselves and as a result, the black side of the MC tracks pales in comparison (pun intended) to the white side where for the most part the following of protocol and adhering to traditions is violently protected and respected.  Black people have the Sean Diddy Combs problem where we feel the need, the obsession to remix what doesn’t need to be remixed and put our stamp on something that’s already been mailed out and delivered to the intended person.  We cannot simply follow the rules because our attitude of not knowing the rules, not having the drive to know those rules stands on the spirit of us refusing to respect the culture and traditions of where those rules came from.

Years ago when I contemplated forming my own MC one of the earliest conversations I had with my founding members was, “Who wants to go with me to meet up with the OMC to present ourselves to them?” I noted that the black and Hispanic members all said, “Fuck them. No one’s going to tell me what to do” while the white members had a collective attitude of, “Well, why do we need to meet up? What will we get out of it? Is it something that could help us out?”  That is a remarkable difference and one that I believe is deeply rooted in race.

Black men are disenfranchised. From slaves, to share croppers, to second class citizens to long stay residents at jails that get built faster than schools in most states, black men in this country have been targeted by institutionalized genocide by the powers that be. Yes, the powers that be can and will deny this because what they don’t realize is that their racism has become a part of them as natural as it is for them to breathe. Seeing a black man as a criminal is natural for them. Seeing a black man in handcuffs is what they expect to see on the news. The output of that expectation unfortunately is that black men have to come see and expect the same things so our drive to better ourselves has been chased by our own low expectations of our ourselves.

And we act on them.

A fellow biker pointed out something to me recently when discussing this topic and it speaks to how we as African Americans refuse to acknowledge and respect traditions and cultures because we like to think the rules don’t apply to us.

“We all know what happened when Biker Boyz came out. Every gotdamn homeboy went out and bought a bike and formed a club. Mind you, they didn’t get sanctioned or blessed in like that scene in the movie but hey. The thing is, white boys after seeing Sons of Anarchy wanted to be in MC’s too but instead of running out there and forming these bullshit pop up clubs, for the most part they did their research and joined a club that was already around. They understood they were new to this shit and they just couldn’t form a club. Not our people though. You can’t tell them shit. You want a club, so you form a club but what they don’t realize is, that ain’t no club. It’s bullshit. No respect for history, rules or nothin’”

We have so little in this country including so little self respect that when we get the opportunity to have anything, we grab it not realizing at times what we’re grabbing or how to take care of it. Too many MC Presidents are ill equipped mentally to have their positions. They have no knowledge of the history of the MC, the culture and too many of its protocols and yet they’ve placed themselves in position to lead men just as blind and ignorant as themselves. What happens is that those MC’s are exposed to true MC’s (both black and white) who do in fact love this MC life and respect it as they should and the outcome of such an encounter can be disastrous. When the Sucka MC (an MC whose members are ghost riders: ghost riders being an ignorant collection of men (or women) who know nothing about MC culture and history) doesn’t understand why wearing a three piece patch if you’re not an outlaw club is a spiritual offense to an outlaw club who has gone through the blood, sweat and tears to wear their three piece patch that is a deeply embedded cultural issue. Black men have so little in this country and when we think we have something, we will not allow anyone, including our own brother, to tell us otherwise.

The problem in that thinking is it goes against a major pillar of MC-ing. Brotherhood is not something bikers claim because we like New Jack City. Brotherhood is the bind that chains us to each other as bikers in one subset community and that subset was never meant to be governed by outsiders but rather by the authority of the community and in our case that is the local OMC. Everything, including the world of the anarchist has structure. Within that structure is a hierarchy and in the MC the top of that hierarchy is the OMC. They are the club who lives by the MC code and will or should enforce that code to anyone and every club who wants to enter this life. There are rules to every society one enters and as visitors we respect those rules and adhere to them and if we choose not to, we must suffer the consequences.That’s very logical to white bikers I know but for some reason, to too many black bikers that is an assault on their right to remix the culture.

Why don’t more black women bikers know the name Bessie Stringfield? Is it because she doesn’t have anything to do with Basketball Wives? Is it because she’s not a real housewife? Or maybe it’s because she’s not a marginally talented, self loathing pop singer who returns back to a man who embarrassed her nationally by beating the shit out of her?  White bikers regard Sonny Barger as the ideal of what the American ethic and attitude. How many black bikers regard Tobie Genie Livingston that way despite the fact he is an MC pioneer when it comes to this side of the tracks. I find it personally disgusting that I know more white Outlaws who can speak on the East Bay Dragons then black bikers in the 99% MC community.

If we do not understand nor refuse to understand how many times Tobie and the Dragons had to draw their guns and earn their respect so that black bikers today could get that nod from our counterparts then why should black bikers today be held to such high regard and expected to move with the class and dignity that is bestowed upon an educated person? If you do not understand nor appreciate how many times Bessie Stringfield traveled across this segregated country on her Harley then why should women today be expected to ride as hard and as long as their male counterparts. When women put “looking cute” over their true grit in being seen and engaged as a biker by men I always wonder, “What would Bessie say?” 

This is a race issue.

White female bikers have published books where they’ve discussed their role in the male dominated society. I have a book written by white Property in which she’s instructing women on how to be good property.  Both books have authors who demonstrate an incredible passion and love for the history of women in the MC culture. Both books display an intense wisdom to learn and apply that learning and again, I generalize, but I have not come across that same intense wisdom on this side of the tracks outside of a very small handful of people.  The history is seen as a nuisance or too stifling. It’s not sexy enough for too many of us. Perhaps if education of the MC culture came with trophy parties or bikini washes more of our people would be inspired to learn but without the fuckery of today’s MC collective, these sort of traditional learning’s and applications are too far advanced.

For example…

ABATE seminars and round panel discussions could easily pass as Tea Party locker rooms because despite the fact the group famously fights for biker’s rights, black faces are amazingly absent. We like to ride to violate the laws but given the chance to change the laws that affect us directly, we’d rather be playing basketball, video games or watching a Tyler Perry movie.  Motorcycle laws do not discriminate yet we take it upon ourselves to segregate ourselves from the important events that will determine our freedoms as riders.

That’s black stupid.  

We are the only people who after failing an exam will find blame with the text book as opposed to looking in the mirror and calling ourselves to task. Sucka Free MC is by no means a perfect vehicle but I take great pride in bringing to the MC masses a wealth of knowledge I’ve accumulated by my years in the community and more importantly, what I’ve been exposed to by our MC elders. The staff of Sucka Free MC and in particular myself routinely find ourselves dismissed by the people who we are discussing in this blog and regularly on our page.  By dismissed I mean, “Who the fuck are they to tell us what to do?” or “He’s got sucka’s who wear the shirt so that whole Sucka Free MC thing is a fad”. At Sucka Free MC we go to great strides to research MC protocol and history and to provide an environment where people can learn, ask questions and take that knowledge back to their respective MC’s. We are a classroom and we are open enrollment.  I am still stunned to hear that whenever we challenge what is currently popular in our community the staff and the Sucka Free MC movement is attacked as being a fad, or a One Percenter vehicle. 
First and foremost Sucka Free MC is NOT a One Percenter vehicle. We are NOT paid or supported by any OMC to teach and enlighten the masses to MC protocol. We do recognize and respect the OMC’S as having bikers within their club who have been in the community for years and their knowledge and experience is invaluable and one that we try to share in small, edited doses to the rest of the 99% who have demonstrated an incredible ineptitude in approaching an outlaw for themselves.

Secondly how can one consider tradition a fad? That notion alone is contradictory. We do not create new rules or protocol. We champion the ones that have always been there. We do not remix the culture; instead we celebrate it, both good and bad aspects of it and where we find fault, we ask questions but never question it. We will continue to challenge contemporary behaviors that we believe are in complete contradiction with the respect and love we have for MC culture, traditions and history. Trophy parties are a time honored tradition in the MC community but when collecting trophies trumps the joy of riding we will continue to call people out for that. My white MC friends have no idea what a trophy party is. I think that alone is telling. When MC’s reward MC’s who show up in cars for “the most repped”,  Sucka Free MC will NOT support that sort of fuckery and we do consider it our personal and professional mission to call it out.  When the 99% refuse to understand the lessons of the MC are not to be found on Facebook or even a blog like this but in actually going out there and riding their scoots, engaging their OMC and elders in the community Sucka Free MC will continue to champion true MC values and spite the MC’s who are the specs of defecation that stain the porcelain toilets of the dirty club houses they’d rather be in as opposed to riding their motorcycles.

Instead of attacking a pure intentioned biker movement I wonder why “these so called real bikers” aren’t supporting Sucka Free MC.  Let’s think about this. You won’t support Sucka Free MC ‘cause you say it’s a fad supported by sucka’s but you’re willing to give these sucka’s money by going to their trophy parties and/or whatever fuckery event they’re hosting.  You won’t support Sucka Free MC ‘cause you don’t want to wear the same shirt as a person who you consider a sucka but you’re too scared to approach that person with the opportunity to enlighten them as to what real MC is all about.  It almost makes me wonder who the real sucka is. (Actually I’m not wondering; I know who it is (wink & smile)

It’s not to say everything on the black side of things is wrong and everything on the other side is right. By no means am I even suggesting that but I am clear in stating I am not interested in the problems of the other side since I am not on that side of the tracks.  The black side also has several things that are good and need to be celebrated. There are black OMC’s who have clung to the “old ways” with a vice like grip that would make some white outlaws cringe with respect. There have been plenty of community activated initiatives on the 99% side that have come to aid the plight of the less fortunate, most recently in the case of Hurricane Sandy. The efforts of these collective clubs were shared by OMC’s, Mom N’ Pop, mixed and gender specific clubs of color and they are to be applauded for their efforts.

The applause while deafening is exclusive for a very select few.

I’d be incomplete not to state what I think are some of the issues plaguing black MC’s are without touching on what I believe some of the solutions are. Nothing can change the cultural DNA of what makes us who and what we are and to a degree, that’s also what the problem is. I do however believe that change can happen if that person is sincerely interested in representing themselves and their club as sincere bikers.
Change in the black biker community will come through and from concentrating on three things:

History-none of us alive today or yesterday created ANYTHING.  There are people before us who put it down so we can ride it up and we need to acknowledge their efforts and their actions. If we understand and respect what happened yesterday, we should take that respect in today in how we ride and present ourselves as a collective MC community.
Protocol-I’m convinced that some of you guys refuse to follow protocol because you feel it’s as if someone telling you what to do. So, let’s use a new word. ROUTINE. A routine is something you do because it’s repeated and it works for you. Try to follow the routine when it comes to practicing the values and traditions of real bikers and clubs who came before you. Try it and see the respect you get from it.
OMC-I know what you’re thinking: “Why do I need to go to my local OMC?”  Again, let’s bring logic into it. The first few days at a new job don’t you find and follow direction by someone who’s been there longer so they can tell you what to do and what not to do to help you at your new job? Yes, you do and that’s a smart thing to do so, why wouldn’t you continue to be that smart in your MC life? The OMC is an organization that has been doing and living this life right. They should be able to direct you correctly. It’s that simple. Be right. Do right. Period.

Black people are not at a point in our Diaspora where we can celebrate fuckery and the black and Hispanic MC community should make note of the same. We have too many clubs who MC purists find offensive whether it’s because of their lack of respect for MC protocol or because their rags are bedazzled with gems. We have too many clubs who are being led by woefully ignorant Presidents and as a result their members are ambassadors to their fuckery. We have too many clubs who are more interested in trophy parties and collecting those trophies when they don’t realize that the ultimate trophy are the men or women who share your rags and whom you call brother or sister.

This country has a black President and it’s a shame that black MC’s, black MC presidents especially, have shown ineptitude in following the humility, grace and power of a Mr. Obama. If anything, our President has shown us that anything is possible so I will hold out in believing that we, as a black MC nation will fix ourselves and eventually come to do this MC life correctly.